Faster provider onboarding
Reduction in fraudulent claims
Providers onboarded

Customized Workflows for Optimized Provider Management

We understand that every healthcare organization has unique needs and workflows. That's why our discovery process is a critical component of our platform implementation process. During the discovery phase, we work closely with organizations to understand current processes, pain points, and goals. This enables us to design and implement a customized workflow that addresses your specific needs and optimizes your provider management processes.



We serve a range of industries that require effective management of provider networks, including healthcare, insurance, government, financial services, and hospitality.


As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, effective provider management is more important than ever. Complicore's platform provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing their provider network, including streamlined onboarding and credentialing, contract management, and payment processing.


Insurance companies often rely on a network of providers to offer services to their customers. By using Complicore's platform, insurance companies can efficiently manage their provider network, ensuring that providers are properly credentialed, contracts are in place, and payments are processed accurately.


Government agencies often work with a wide range of providers, including healthcare providers, contractors, and vendors. By using Complicore's platform, government agencies are empowered with auditing tools to ensure that providers are properly vetted and credentialed.