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Complicore enables smooth credentialing and compliance for healthcare organizations and providers, enabling them to focus on service quality and growth.

Trusted by 10,000+ providers nationwide

Streamlined onboarding
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Audit ready

Seamless experience for all

Tired of using email and spreadsheets for your business critical tasks? Complicore enables you to manage your credentialing and compliance needs with ease.

Seamless experience

Credentialing Suite

Document analysis, verification, and management all in one place.

Audit Center

Real-time audit management and reporting for your organization.

Mission Control

A home base to conduct your day to day operations, enhanced with all that Complicore has to offer.

Continuous Monitoring

Always-on monitoring of credentials and compliance, extendable with your own custom rules.

A solution for everyone


Complicore optimizes critical workflows, ensuring fluidity and transparency in operations. From managing providers to overseeing compliance, we bring efficiency to every organizational facet.


Turn your credentialing and compliance into a competitive edge. Hire faster, onboard quicker, and scale your business.


Complicore makes it effortless to audit organizations and providers. Auditors are ensured accurate and timely information, making audit processes thorough and hassle-free. For those who want to go even further, contact us today for information about continuous auditing.

The future of credentialing is in Complicore.